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Social Interaction/Inclusiveness

One of our core values is inclusiveness; Saint Hermanguild Foundation understands the great impact stigma and labelling around mental health illness have brought to people who are struggling with mental illness in the society. The Foundation organizes praying sessions and social activities at one of the Destitute Homes. To promote the well-being of a people, spiritual connection must be considered. It has always been a great time to spend time with those who feel that no one loves them.

The Director, Rev. Fr. Gilbert Alaribe blessing the participants (patients).


The Saint Hermanguild Foundation Inc. organizes medical outreach at the Destitute Home to enable clients at the home gain access to medical checkup and other therapies. Often, people do not consider the physical health of individuals with a mental health problem, either people their mental health problems do not allow them converge reasonable message or people do not pay appropriate attention on the welfare of those living with a mental health issue. Mental health is our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects our thinking, feel, and act. Our mental health supports us in handling stress and helps on how we relate to others. Anyone can be physically unwell just like the mental health, and an individual can suffer from both at the same time.