Our Work.

What We Do

SHF is an international organization committed to mental-health, spiritual and emotional wellbeing of our society.

Mental health Education - We raise awareness for mental health to families, streets, churches, and organizations.

Psychosocial Support (PSS)

We engage in the processes and actions that promote the holistic wellbeing of people in their social world. We enlighten individuals to support their family and friends undergoing mental challenges. We also describe the process of facilitating resilience within individuals, families and communities. We aim to help individuals recover after a crisis has disrupted their lives and to enhance their ability to return to normality after experiencing adverse events.

Online/physical Counseling:

With the help of our ever committed group of psychologists, we offer counseling to individuals dealing with issues that bother their mental well being.

Individual Support Plan(ISP)

You can call on us today to educate you to be a succor and support system for your friends and family by helping them come up with a plan on how to overcome any form of mental ailments.


We are a go-to in helping individuals overcome habits that battles their sanity and mental well being through our commitment, love, and relentless efforts.

Direct Support

We hold our clients by the hands and offer them physical, financial, or social support where necessary.

Where We Work

Africa and Australia

Distance doesn’t diminish our love.