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Our History


Upon migration to Australia for a greener pasture to study a course in Hospitality Management, Travel, and Tourism,


Ifeanyi Hermanguild Uzomanze started work in Canberra with some organizations that oversee Aging homes and the disabled like the physically and mentally challenged people.

While providing succor for the Vulnerable, he discovered that his passion is in line with the job he was doing. Upon this self-discovery, he quickly switched his course to study Mental health/Community service to accommodate his passion, and to enlarge his knowledge base on how to take care of these vulnerable people.

Selflessly, he ventured deeper into this course coupled with a deep passion for this. In one of his classes, the tutor taught so passionately about Mental Health and how to provide adequate support for the mentally challenged. This was a turning point for Ifeanyi, as he started having a broader perspective on mental health. He understood that mentally challenged people are not only those confined in mental homes, but they can be people commonly seen on the streets, at homes, in the marketplace, in churches, etc.

With this understanding in mind, Ifeanyi saw the big misconception about Mental health and the gaps that must be bridged to save tons of lives from this unknown disorder eating deep into the lives of people, sometimes, without their knowledge.

After much preparation and research in this field, Ifeanyi called a few people in his home country, Nigeria. About four of them. After discussing extensively with these men, his heart cry and burning desire to save lives selflessly from this ravaging menace of mental illnesses, they saw a great light to support him fight this course and start raising awareness among every man.

Together with these men, Ifeanyi started the advocacy back in his home country, Nigeria in 2019. Attesting to the saying that charity begins at home. This they achieved by visiting psychiatric homes, and destitute homes. Lending support to people already marked with mental issues, even before the registration of the foundation.

Without much delay, the Saint Hermanguild Foundation(SHF) was fully registered on May 24th, 2019 with the government of the Federation of Nigeria under the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and Social Development, now known as Ministry for Women’s Affairs and Vulnerable Group. Whose major aim is to give support to the vulnerable, which is also in line with the goal of the Saint Hermanguild Foundation(SHF).

After this registration, the SHF as a body is on the frontline, promoting mental health through awareness, advocating for the vulnerable, and helping people with mental health issues have a smooth transition. This has been achieved through the organization of workshops and seminars through the four already-established branches in Nigeria: Lagos state, Imo state, Rivers, and Abuja. To this, thousands of lives have been positively affected for good.

The spread of SHF was not limited to Nigeria alone, it was extended to Australia. This was done to give the Foundation international relevance to better garner support for SHF Nigeria and to create opportunities for people in the diaspora to enjoy the benefits of the Foundation.

According to the CEO, Ifeanyi Hefmanguild Uzomanze, SHF is a global foundation that won’t stop extending it’s borders until the message for mental health and practices becomes commonly placed among individuals at homes, on the streets, churches, marketplaces, organizations, and institutions worldwide.